UK IoT Platforms Report

UK IoT Platforms Report

Key takeaways from the IoTUK IoT Platforms Report

Interest in IoT is growing rapidly, with many businesses planning to invest in the technology.

The IoT platform market is characterised by co-opetition within a highly fragmented ecosystem.

UK startups have been generally focusing on software platforms for cross-sector IoT data sharing.

Numerous players participate in the IoT platform space, ranging from IT service providers, software and solution vendors, telecom providers, equipment vendors, pure-play organizations and MVNOs. The sheer number and types of platforms on the market can cause confusion, as can the overlap in platform descriptions and capabilities.

Though designed to ease the complexity and boost the security of an IoT deployment, filtering through the numerous  options is no simple task. The IoTUK Platforms Report attempts to categorise the various types of platforms, highlight the key issues characterising the market, and detail the groups of players participating in the space. The goal of this report is to provide an overview of the platforms market and high level advice around how to select a  platform for your IoT solution or deployment.

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