The IoT Nation 2018 Report

The IoT Nation 2018 Report

Key takeaways from the IoTUK IoT Nation 2018 Report

Digital Catapult commissioned Datacity to build a database of IoT projects, businesses, people and the connections between them. This report looks at some of the findings from this work.

Our aim is to:

  • identify the role that Academia and Industry play in the growth and development of the UK Internet of Things sector
  • analyse the strength of collaboration between public and private sector organisations in delivering innovation in IoT
  • understand the resilience of the sector and its ability to continue to grow and evolve to meet changing demands
  • spot opportunities to maximise the impact that IoT can have for UK citizens
  • describe the impact that the IoTUK programme is having on the UK’s Internet of Things sector

We have demonstrated through the data that:

  • 81% of UK universities are engaged with the Internet of Things, with computer science, health and engineering departments the key cornerstones of involvement.
  • PETRAS, a project which connects nine UK Universities with industry partners to explore critical issues in the IoT sector, is successful and provides a connective framework for the IoT ecosystem. Through direct project partners, the project impact reaches 1,100 UK businesses and we prove that the project is a key factor in the diffusion of innovation in the sector.
  • Businesses engaged with the Internet of Things are “connective” businesses, joining up otherwise unconnected businesses across the UK economy. This strengthens the economic links between sectors and geographies and the role of IoT incubators, such as CityVerve or IoT Tribe, can be shown to be positive.

Read the full report to learn more about the IoT ecosystem in the UK in 2018.

IoTUK Staff
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