Technical Guidance for Exploring Urban IoT Soutions

Technical Guidance for Exploring Urban IoT Soutions

Key takeaways from the Technical Guidance for Exploring Urban IoT Soutions Report

Cities are seeking ways to meet increasing demand for urban services more responsively and at lower cost. IoT technology offers new opportunities for UK councils to become ‘smarter’ and more flexible in responding to their citizens’ needs, making the most of limited municipal budgets.

More intelligent and (inter) connected urban infrastructure provides residents with a plethora of positive social and economic benefits. By embracing the potential of IoT, local authorities can improve service delivery, increase sustainability, and make their cities safer and more liveable places for their residents. In short, urban IoT technologies have the potential to create a revolution in city planning and management.

The authors find that the process for an IoT project generally follows five steps, as shown below. Each step lays out a set of key questions, including “What service is required?” and “What data permissions might be required and what confidence do we have that these are achievable?”, together with key actions. All findings are based on interviews with UK local authorities and illustrated with case studies and experiences from real life urban IoT projects.

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