Smart Cycling

Smart Cycling

Smart cycling solutions for future cities

The Project

  • See.Sense produces patent-pending sensor technology to solve real problems for cyclists and produce crowd-sourced sensor data to help create smart and future cities.
  • They aim to help people have a more enjoyable cycling experience, by enhancing safety and helping to reduce bicycle theft. Cyclists are empowered to collect valuable and unique crowd-sourced data about their journey, including information on any crashes, near-miss events, road surface, light levels, temperature levels and coming soon – air quality. This information is very useful for city planners who want to create better cycling infrastructure and smart cities. It is also useful information for cyclists who want to plan safer and better journeys.
  • The technology is available either as a consumer product, or it can be integrated into a city bike scheme, which quickly opens up a low cost mobile sensor network platform for a city. In addition to providing highly accurate, real-time and unique data, See.Sense also provides innovative applications, real-time monitoring and data visualisation services and analysis to extract meaning from the data.

Progress so far

  • Founded in 2013, the initial focus was on building a product that cyclists would love. See.Sense held two highly successful crowd-funding campaigns on Kickstarter, raising over £130,000 to develop and bring their lights to market. See.Sense products are now stocked with leading retailers and sold into more than 50 countries around the world. Their products are distributed by Raleigh in the UK and Ireland, in addition to distributors in place in Australia and Mexico and the US.  Sense ICON was featured in the London Design Museum’s Cycle Revolution Exhibition and voted as rear light of the year in the ‘People’s Choice Awards’ 2015.
  • See.Sense is engaged in an Innovate UK funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Queen’s University Belfast to further develop their sophisticated algorithms, enhancing data analysis capability. In 2016, See.Sense successfully raised over £711K on the equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube, to accelerate product development and its expansion into data.
  • There is currently an active trial in the city of Milton Keynes, whereby crowdsourced data from hundreds of See.Sense lights is fed into the BT Smart Hub and analysed along with other data to produce information useful for cycle infrastructure planning. See.Sense recently completed Phase 1 of the Smart Dublin Cycling Challenge to build a low power wide area IoT solution prototype for deployment across Dublin. See.Sense is also engaged in a multi-city corporate project in Australia to look at use of crowd-sourced data for a wide range of applications.

Moving forward

  • See.Sense continues to build its brand as cycling technology company, with the planned launch of new products in 2107 and beyond that will use using cutting edge connected and sensor technology to address real needs for cyclists, such as improving safety and reducing theft. Their vision is that crowd-sourced data that we can collect from the products will empower cyclists to help their cities identify where and how to make the infrastructure needed, as well as inform policies needed to promote cycling, and make our cities smarter.
  • There are a number of planned trials with cities for the integration of their tech in city bikes schemes, making use of low power wide area networks and a range of other technologies.

Expert view

Solutions that crowd-source sensor data can deliver significant additional benefits to users and allow additional revenue streams and partnerships. This necessitates careful consideration of the security and privacy issues and the trust of the users. The See.Sense project has great potential across the urban landscape, particularly with the advent of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN).

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