SeMIoT – Smart Metering

SeMIoT – Smart Metering

The SeMIoT project has come up with an easy and greener way to manage electricity usage in the home and for small businesses. Watch the video case study.

SeMIoT is a joint project between Poplar Harca, Wi-fi Plug and Imperial College London. The project rests with Imperial College, who is amongst the lead partners of the PETRAS IoT Hub. PETRAS IoT Hub is a consortium of nine UK’s leading universities and large tech companies that runs in partnership with IoTUK. The consortium explores critical issues in areas of privacy, ethics, trust, reliability, acceptability and security of the Internet of Things.

The SeMIoT’s joint project team has developed and implemented a scalable electricity demand management solution “POWBAL” that maximises the use of cheap green electricity. Importantly, the solution is deployable at low cost within the current grid infrastructure and without the need for consumers to invest in new appliances. It will also be designed as a gateway technology, that can seamlessly be integrated in a future smarter grid and work with new smarter appliances.

Think about the POWBAL as a virtual power plant that can greatly benefit the health and safety of the grid, reduces carbon emissions and the overall energy consumption. The value that this solution brings is not that much around advancing the technology, which is now readily available. It is rather in finding ways of how to create a platform, where homes and small businesses can easily contribute to load balancing of the electricity grid. At the first place, it is about gaining the users’ trust and making them comfortable to use their phone with POWBAL App for checking their status.

It is critical for the team to ensure a strict privacy of any level data that are being shared for a genuine purpose of rebalancing the grid. The POWBAL solution is now rolling out in housing association in East London and in a student halls of the Imperial College London. But every home in a world can be a potential user.

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