Securing connected devices in physical spaces

Securing connected devices in physical spaces

For the third content partnership with PETRAS, IoTUK is looking at ‘Making the IoT Trustworthy’. This infographic, ‘Securing Connected Devices in Physical Spaces’ is based on the research from Professor Emil Lupu. It examines how the physical, the digital, and the human element on the internet of things, as it is deployed in physical spaces such as autonomous cars, smart cities and smart buildings, interact with each other.

You can learn more about the work that PETRAS and IoTUK has been doing at the IoTUK Forum and Exhibition, 28/29 March 2018, at IET London Savoy Place. Click here on the link for your free ticket.

Emil Lupu is Professor of Computer Systems at Imperial College London where he  leads the  Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research and the Resilient Information Systems Security Group. He co-created and is the Deputy Director of the PETRAS IoT Research Hub – Cybersecurity of the Internet of Things and serves as Associate Director with Imperial’s Institute for Security Science and Technology. His research interests focus on the cyber security and resilience of systems including their physical, digital and human characteristics and their ability to continue to operate even when they have been partially compromised. Further information on current projects and publications can be found at:

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