IoTUK Reports

The latest reports from IoTUK.

Mapping the IoT Nation

IoTUK presents the first three papers as a series as they provide insight into the overall market drivers, opportunities and challenges for IoT in the UK, spanning research funding in the academic sector, by venture capitalists and private investors, and by corporate enterprises.

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UK IoT Platforms Report

The sheer number and types of platforms on the market can cause confusion, as can the overlap in platform descriptions and capabilities.

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IoT Platforms

Introduction to IoT Standards

Read IoTUK’s Introduction to Standards report for an insight into the types of groups working to develop IoT standards and how developers should respond.

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IoT Standards

LPWAN Best Practice Report

The emergence of LPWAN networks provides opportunities for businesses to develop new disruptive IoT solutions.

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LPWAN Best Practice

An IoT Taxonomy

As the IoT community develops multiple devices, platforms, and 'things' -The IoTUK programme suggests a taxonomy to help us improve how we can talk about these.

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Accelerating IoT in the UK report

A new report: ‘Accelerating The Internet of Things In The UK – Using Policy to Support Practice’, jointly commissioned by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and Digital Catapult, examines the potential policy implications of IoT developments and highlights a number of priority topics for further consideration.

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