IoTUK Reports

The latest reports from IoTUK.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution - Insight Report

The fourth industrial revolution...

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Building an Ecosystem - Early Insights

Digital Catapult has interviewed project leads from large and complex IoT ecosystems to find out what insights they can offer other projects.

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IoTUK – Market Structure Research Reports

The Future Cities Catapult has produced three reports that focus on taking a human-centric approach to defining how IoT can improve city life.

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Social Isolation and Loneliness Report

This IoTUK report seeks to highlight the innovative uses of technology in addressing loneliness and isolation, as these are expected to act as key enablers in the future.

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Structure of the UK Automotive Telematics Market

There are a large number of telematics solution providers established in the UK, ranging from large-multi-national corporates to innovative local SMEs. The majority of these providers are focused on serving the most developed market verticals of fleet operators (including local authority fleet operators) and insurance providers. Read the IoUK report on Telematics in the UK for an understanding of the current market and an examination of barriers to entry for businesses.

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