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Digital Ethics Report

This Insight Report will describe why digital ethics is needed and how organisations across a range of sectors are applying ethical practices to their operations, as well as some of the risks and opportunities. It will also provide examples of guidelines drawn up to address digital ethics and information about the help that is available to SMEs.

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IoT Nation 2018 Report

In this report, we will look at sections of the UK’s IoT ecosystem and identify the key places of the growing network of IoT businesses, academic institutions and public bodies.

Using innovative data science techniques, we have shown that:

Universities are having an impact on IoT development, particularly in Oxford, London and Cambridge.
Logistics is driving much IoT innovation in the UK.
Public sector investment in IoT helps drive innovation.

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The IoTUK Survey 2018 Report

In January 2018, as part of the IoTUK programme, Digital Catapult conducted an online and phone survey among 214 UK companies, comprising 110 SMEs (with 250 employees or less) and 104 enterprises. Read the report for insight into the benefits and challenges of IoT – from the perspective of those in the know.

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Keys to a successful LPWAN Innovation Programme

IoTUK and Digital Catapult have funded a number of different programmes to accelerate startups and support SMEs to develop and bring to market innovative services using new technologies. These range from providing funding to professional startup incubators and accelerators, to spearheading a wide-reaching programme to boost the awareness and deployment of low power wide area network (LPWAN) technology,
a key enabler for the Internet of Things (IoT) which the UK had lagged behind many countries in deploying.

This report explores the learnings from the IoTUK Hardware Accelerators run by R/GA and Startupbootcamp, the IoTUK Boost programmes and Digital Catapult’s Things Connected programme.

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Beyond the Economic Value of IoT Report

IoT is a technology that has been promising for more than a decade now to transform economies and advance ideas of public good and social well-being. This report highlights the efforts that have been done in this respect and identifies the main directions for IoT advancements and the main barriers to IoT adoption. The report focuses on the economic value in IoT and argues that harnessing economic value in the IoT space represents a process that takes place continually at the intersection between developments in three major domains: social, technical, and economic.
The report aims to:
Highlight the state of the art in IoT space with a focus on the emerging economic, social and technical values
Draw on the main gaps in the IoT space and identify barriers to IoT adoption
Identify opportunities for IoT advancement
Place the emerging IoT ecosystems in the bigger context of new digital economies

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