IoTUK Reports

The latest reports from IoTUK.

Mapping the IoT Nation

IoTUK presents the first three papers as a series as they provide insight into the overall market drivers, opportunities and challenges for IoT in the UK, spanning research funding in the academic sector, by venture capitalists and private investors, and by corporate enterprises.

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An IoT Taxonomy

As the IoT community develops multiple devices, platforms, and 'things' -The IoTUK programme suggests a taxonomy to help us improve how we can talk about these.

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Accelerating IoT in the UK report

A new report: ‘Accelerating The Internet of Things In The UK – Using Policy to Support Practice’, jointly commissioned by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and Digital Catapult, examines the potential policy implications of IoT developments and highlights a number of priority topics for further consideration.

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UK IoT Research

IoTUK has been investigating the current climate for IoT research to demonstrate the breadth of the innovative research and development that is happening today.

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UK IoT Investment

IoTUK has been collecting data on investments in UK Internet of Things (IoT) companies from private finance sources to build up a picture of the volume and value of investments, and to identify where the money is going. By talking to venture capital companies (VCs) and business angels about the ways they invest in IoT in the UK, the state of the financial health of IoT in the UK can be assessed.

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UK Enterprise and IoT

What does the current Internet of Things (IoT) landscape look like for UK enterprise, and how ready is the country to make the most of its potential?

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