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IoT in Health and Social Care Report

PETRAS has created some good practice guidelines for those utilising IoT in Health and Social Care.

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IoT in health and social care

Cyber Hygiene Infographic

Digital Catapult's IoTUK programme has teamed up with PETRAS, the university consortium studying privacy, ethics, trust, reliability, acceptability, and security in the IoT to bring you a carefully curated content series examining the internet of things. This project, taking from the work of researchers at UCL, examines cyber hygiene and the behaviours that consumers should use to keep their internet-connected devices and themselves safe in the IoT.

Cyber hygiene is the practices that people use to ensure that they are safe when using the internet and the IoT. Empowering consumers with practical advice on cyber hygiene creates a safer and secure IoT for end users. This infographic is based on the work of the cyber hygiene research project at UCL. They have spoken to leading industry experts, building a list of 43 protective behaviours. From this, they used behaviour change models to create guidelines which people will find easy to follow. Encouraging consumers to adopt protective behaviours when using internet-connected devices can alleviate some of the threats posed by the IoT.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution - Insight Report

The fourth industrial revolution...

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Building an Ecosystem - Early Insights

Digital Catapult has interviewed project leads from large and complex IoT ecosystems to find out what insights they can offer other projects.

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IoTUK – Market Structure Research Reports

The Future Cities Catapult has produced three reports that focus on taking a human-centric approach to defining how IoT can improve city life.

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