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IoT in Retail Report

How can SME vendors encourage retailers to adopt the latest technologies? An IoTUK report on IoT in Retail.

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IoT in Retail

UK IoT Platforms Report

The sheer number and types of platforms on the market can cause confusion, as can the overlap in platform descriptions and capabilities.

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IoT Platforms

Introduction to IoT Standards

Read IoTUK’s Introduction to Standards report for an insight into the types of groups working to develop IoT standards and how developers should respond.

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IoT Standards

IoT Investment Case Toolkits

Future Cities Catapult have created an investment case toolkit as a guide to help local authorities demonstrate the viability of investing in IoT. Developed in consultation with councils, there are versions available for smart parking and smart waste, however the principles and guidance within the toolkit are equally applicable to other areas of IoT.

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The Role of the City Council in a Demonstrator

The emergence and growth of IoT is leading to more demonstrators, such as the CityVerve programme in Manchester, to trial these technologies. Future Cities Catapult interviewed a range of people involved in previous demonstrators and this report draws from their experiences to advise local authorities who are planning demonstrators in their cities.

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