LPWAN Best Practice Report

LPWAN Best Practice Report

Key takeaways from the IoTUK LPWAN Best Practice Report

The emergence of LPWAN networks provides opportunities for businesses to develop new disruptive IoT solutions.

Things Connected and IoTUK Boost tackles barriers that companies currently face when bringing LPWAN solutions to market.

Things Connected and IoTUK Boost is geared towards IoT companies who want to build new LPWAN solutions.

A low power wide area network (LPWAN) can enable sensors in connected devices to be powered over a large area using only a small amount of energy. The implications for smart cities and other IoT-driven solutions are very exciting – with millions of devices connected to a smart network to allow companies and end users to take advantage of what the IoT can offer – now and in the future.

For device manufacturers and service providers, LPWAN offers new possibilities to provide disruptive end-to-end IoT solutions for a globally emerging market. For end users and early adopters, using LPWAN can provide significant cost savings, efficiencies and new business insights that will allow them to gain a competitive advantage.

Read our Best Practice guide to find out how IoTUK and Things Connected are working to lower barriers to access for innovative businesses looking to utilise LPWAN technologies.

LPWAN Best Practice

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