Launch of CityVerve

Launch of CityVerve

Andrew Carr, Chief Operating Officer at Digital Catapult, spoke at the launch of CityVerve, Manchester’s IoT smart city demonstrator project that aims to make the city a world leader in smart city technology. 

I was delighted to be asked to speak at the recent launch of the CityVerve programme in Manchester. The room was buzzing with people all keen to deliver real impact for the benefit of the citizens and visitors to Manchester.

My role was to try and excite the audience, the consortia leads and the partners to continue to be engaged and committed to this smart city demonstrator. In the context of the CityVerve programme, I urged the audience to think of a city as a connected, living breathing organism that has the genuine opportunity to transform the way that citizens engage, travel, live and also feel and behave.

To try and do this I talked about three ‘I’s that would be important in determining the success of this exciting programme; namely ‘Inspire, Innovate and Impact.’

Firstly, there was a need to inspire citizens to feel engaged within the programme so that solutions to challenges and newly created opportunities delivered real value to the people of Manchester. This was the role of everybody participating from the innovators, large corporates, public sector bodies and academia.

Secondly, I talked about the need to innovate. Open and cross innovation are fundamental to the success of the programme. Taking learnings from other projects would allow faster deployment of new solutions and business models across cities and industries. The nature of the Cityverve programme is to be used to create a blueprint for other geographies, locally and internationally, acting as a catalyst for others to follow suit.

Finally, creating impact to enhance the citizen experience and engagement with services and create positive social impact, which will hopefully lead to enhanced productivity within the region.

Manchester has a rich heritage of innovation, which really came through in the presentations and discussions that were held during and after the launch event.

Through the Cityverve programme we bring together the skills, expertise and know how to deliver a smart, innovative and inspiring Manchester.

You can follow Andrew Carr on Twitter @acarr_digital. Don’t forget to follow IoTUK too @IoTUKNews.

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