IoTUK Boost SME Cohort Selected

IoTUK Boost SME Cohort Selected

Digital Catapult is pleased to announce that the IoTUK Boost SME cohort has been selected.

The Boost Programme partners, AB OpenAdvanced Digital Innovation (UK) LtdCambridge WirelessHigh Tech Bristol and Bath CIC (HBB),Sensor City Liverpool and the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) Hartree Centre have selected their cohorts of 53 SMEs. These companies will be utilising LPWAN networks in Liverpool, Bristol, Daresbury, Calderdale, Cambridge, and Saltaire to prototype their IoT innovations, ready to take them to market.

AB Open

  • Deferred Procrastination – open source engineering and IoT devices
  • Envirolectrics – low voltage electric services
  • Flood Network – flood monitoring
  • Hydro International – rainfall, weather, flood and pollution monitors
  • IntelliThings Solutions – energy, health and sports IoT
  • IOU Theatre – contemporary art installations
  • Matrix TSL – STEM based technical education solutions
  • YMPT – event and physical prototyping services to the videogames industry and festival circuit


  • iSTRING – Musical instrument tracking and environmental multi-sensor device
  • Ulsys – Pressure sensor for medical application
  • Blueprint – Remote water toxicity sensor
  • Verleck Technologies – Lost item tracker
  • Mycroclime -Horticultural environmental monitor and controller
  • BarterforThings – Audio triggered alarm device for emergency services
  • CIM Logic – Production line sensors for motion detection and fault alert
  • Piphan – WiFi to SigFox bridge for an environmental monitor alert system
  • SquarePyramid – Home automation and remote monitoring hub

Cambridge Wireless

  • 8Power – Self powered wireless GPS tracker
  • Beringar – Space capacity sensor that measures space utilisation
  • Energenie –Digital buildings and energy saving
  • Envo -Waste analytics solutions for tracking of waste generation and recycling
  • General Information Systems – Smart-card based payment mechanisms
  • Mandrel Systems – intelligent processing to turn data into useful information
  • Nymbly –IoT platform for LPWAN networks
  • See Sense –smart cycling solution for safer and smarter cities
  • The Future Care – health and wellness monitoring device for medical and social care triage
  • Virtual Technologies -Mobile air quality monitor providing personal pollution exposure

High Tech Bristol and Bath CIC

  • HellyHolly – Smart assistance for busy families
  • IoLt – Accelerated learning of technology, industry processes, STEM subjects and 21st century skills
  • Lemonpeel Controls – Smart building controls for small to medium commercial building
  • LuJam Security – protecting network and devices against cyber security threats and risks
  • Studio Meineck – Blending craft, technology and social design for vulnerable groups in society
  • TrustWeave – innovative IoT based products and services with security and privacy as founding principles
  • Zoetrope – Consultancy and new product development services

STFC Hartree Centre

  • iOpt – Monitoring of domestic properties against damage
  • WaveReach Communications – Infrastructure monitoring in rural locations and alongside transport networks
  • Retail Sensing – Nitrogen Oxide pollution monitoring and other smart city implementations
  • Satsafe Technologies- Project to decrease deaths or serious injury whilst cycling
  • AcornSense – Composite material (structural) health monitoring
  • Rescon Limited – “no-touch” IoT Healthcare solution
  • ValueChain – Sensors for manufacturing environment
  • Nanoflex – Biochemical sensor integration with wearables and IoT
  • Republic of Things – Security technology for IoT

Sensor City

  • Valuechain Technology – iQapacity – intelligent capacity optimisation
  • Zaiku Group –
  • Secure Sensor Innovative Design – Safehouse
  • GeDaP (General Data Protected) – Securing the IoT
  • Goodwin Electronics – Intelligent tags
  • DPRV – Push to talk
  • MGISS (Mobile GIS Services)- Reducing Risk in Critical Infrastructure operations
  • Spiro Control – Spiro Control
  • LLRG – Lodge lane regeneration group (CIC) -Health and wellbeing in the community
  • InformedActions- IoT Application

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