IoTUK Nation Database Launch

IoTUK Nation Database Launch

IoTUK has partnered with Bloom and ODI Leeds to build a comprehensive ‘Nation Database‘ of all of the IoT companies and projects that are currently operating in the UK.

This database allows us to ask some complex questions of the data, and send back answers in a simple and intuitive way. These key questions were built into the heart of our design.

Here are Paul Connell of ODI and Peter Laflin from Bloom talking about the database.

From the database, ODI has created a visualisation which allows us to easily make sense of the complex dataset. The information collected in the database is being analysed and will help IoTUK to gain meaningful insight into the IoT market in 2017. As the information is based on the latest data, this insight is up-to-date, allowing for an accurate snapshot of what is happening all across the country.

The database demonstrates both breadth and scale of IoT in the UK, highlights the significant commercial products being developed, and shows how IoT-focused suppliers are distributed by type, size, application area and location.

According to a February 2016 report from SAS and the Centre for Economics and Business Research, IoT will boost the economy to the tune of £81bn and bring an additional 67,000 jobs to the UK by 2020. The Nation Database helps us to track this boost, enhancing and promoting the changes that are already happening in industry and in people’s homes and offices.

Identifying key trends in the IoT marketplace and research hubs in the UK means that investment can be directed towards those areas that will derive the greatest IoT benefit, providing a more effective level of SME support.

Why not explore the data yourself in our visualisation? The IoTUK Programme will launch our insight report on the IoT Nation in April.

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