IoTUK Nation Database API

IoTUK Nation Database API

The API for the IoTUK Nation Database is live. Drawing on the latest information about IoT companies in the UK, you can use this to research, to create visualisations, or simply to explore the data in an easy to access way.

The organisation end point can be accessed here:

The end point does not require any user authorisation.


You must use a filter with the end point. If you do navigate to the base URL you will receive a warning message advising you to apply a filter.

The end point allows you to filter the IoT UK Nation database by the following fields:

Organisation postcode (using postcode=)

Organisation town (using town=)

Organisation sic code (using sic=)

Organisation founding year (using year=)

Organisation NUTS region (using nuts=)

For example, to find all IoT businesses in the town of Leeds, you may call the URL:

You may chain together these filters in any order and in any combination. For example, to find all the IoT businesses in the town of Leeds founded in 2016, you may call the URL:

A full copy of the organisations in the IoT UK Nation database can be downloaded from Data Mill North by visiting the link:

Useful notes


The postcode lookup works on a partial match. You may search for “LS” and return any postcode that contains LS. This would return all Leeds postcode area postcodes, as well as records which contain “LS” in the inward portion of the postcode.

Postcodes must be entered with the usual spacing. For example: will return a result but: will not.

NUTS3 regions

The NUTS3 code is a convenient way of representing administrative areas in the UK. A full list of UK NUTS3 codes can be found here:

To find all organisations located in the Leeds region, you may search using the NUTS3 code of “UKE42”:

You must use the full NUTS3 code for this lookup to work.

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