IoTUK – Market Structure Research Reports

IoTUK – Market Structure Research Reports

The Future Cities Catapult has produced three reports that focus on taking a human-centric approach to defining how IoT can improve city life.

Social Isolation and Loneliness in the UK delves into the factors that contribute to the development of isolation and loneliness, the impacts of the conditions on individuals and public services, and the approaches and interventions that are currently used to address them. In particular, this report seeks to highlight the innovative uses of technology in addressing these conditions.

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Full Social Isolation and Loneliness Infographic Here

The Future of Street Lighting discusses the progression of smart lighting infrastructure from the adoption of LED bulbs to the creation of a distributed smart city platform. It investigates a number of applications that can be hosted through street lights, detailing use- cases, benefits and potential business models, as well as providing examples of real-life case-studies wherever possible.

Full Future of Street Lighting Infographic here

The UK has one of the best road safety records in the world, however there is still more to be done to prevent deaths and serious injuries. Structure of the UK Automotive Telematics Market examines the role automotive telematics could play in not only improving road safety across Britain’s roads but also in building confidence and trust in the driving behaviours of others.


Full Telematics Infographic Here

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