IoTUK Live Showcase

IoTUK Live Showcase

IoTUK Live Showcase

Digital Catapult’s IoTUK programme is delighted to welcome four leading IoT companies to showcase their working solutions that bring the Internet of Things to life in the workspace and in the external environment in our IoTUK Live Showcase.

Invisible Systems

Wireless solutions for real-time energy saving, condition monitoring, control and compliance

Invisible Systems is showcasing the Realtime Online Energy and Condition Monitoring system at the Digital Catapult. Wireless sensors installed throughout the building are monitoring:

  • Energy/electricity consumption in different areas of the building
  • Indoor and outdoor air quality, temperature, humidity and CO2
  • Fire exit door status (open/closed)
  • Temperature of a fridge and freezer in the kitchen
  • Water temperature for Legionella control

The Realtime Online platform is accessible from any web browser and allows users to view the condition profiling and energy use, run reports and see alarms in the event of exceptions.

This versatile solution is able to provide a wide range of monitoring and control capabilities that deliver savings and compliance benefits across the sectors.



Real-time insights into the utilisation and environment of buildings

Beringar is showcasing its Mk2 ‘five senses’ Asset Intelligence sensor solution at the Digital Catapult. The edge computing visual light sensor deployed above the breakout area is measuring the building occupancy. The real-time occupancy data is relayed to a web service where it is analysed and made available via an API, web dashboard and iOS app.

The Beringar solution allows Occupiers, Asset Managers and Building owners to improve building and asset productivity, reduce energy consumption, and improve safety and security.



Access control made smarter, simpler and better

Say goodbye to access cards and keyfobs and say hello to the card you’re already carrying; your smartphone. Doordeck works alongside nearly all existing locks using minimal hardware and brings a more effective way to control access to your space.

Doordeck allows offices and coworking spaces to realise annual savings on access control, reduce the management overhead, and improve the security.

Doordeck is showcasing Doordeck Lockers. It’s designed for office users and built upon the same hardware and software technology they use for Doordeck Smart Access.



Providing assistance to disabled users on the go

assist-Mi is a disability support app that provides disabled users with greater independence by allowing them to request assistance in advance of visiting destinations.

The assist-Mi solution gives service providers a notification of the imminent arrival of a disabled user and the specific assistance they require. Disabled users also have ability to interact with the service provider via real-time two-way chat.

To use the assist-Mi solution showcased at Digital Catapult, you can download the assist-Mi app yourself and click demo site..





Expert View

IoT is making changes to the way in which we live our lives. The IoT Live Showcase is an opportunity to see how these changes will impact people in the office. From making access easier, whether through reducing the need for additional access equipment, or by allowing businesses to better enable disabled people, or through giving companies meaningful data about the way that the spaces that they have are used. This data can generate insights that can save businesses money and time.

You can come see the Live Showcase in the Digital Catapult Centre in January 2018, meet the founders that have built these innovations and hear in person the benefits that they can bring for your business.

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