Our IoTUK Investor Day – November 2017

Our IoTUK Investor Day – November 2017

On 24th November, IoTUK delivered its third Investor Day this year for IoT startups looking for investment. This is an event where selected startups are given the opportunity to pitch their products to eager investors. Although recent investments in IoT make up only a small percentage of overall tech investment in the UK, investments are growing in this area. Investors are particularly interested in user facing applications and solutions for home settings. Read our report into UK IoT Investment for further insights.

We had a large number of applications from startups wishing to pitch and the lucky nine that were chosen were

KG prepares mechanics for the future of mobility, enabling practical automotive training on any car, any time and for a fraction of the cost.

TrustWeave is an Internet of Things company with security and privacy as founding principles designing a system to help manage rented properties and save energy.

Trakz; a GPS and activity tracker for animals, that helps owners, vets and insurers monitor the safety and health of animals fundamentally better than before.

Like the parking sensor on your car, Resilio makes time. Time for you to see, think, understand, decide, and act: before it is too late.

Sensing Feeling deliver advanced IoT sensor product for business that utilises computer vision and machine learning to passively measure customers’ emotional response to their physical environment

OpenTRV cuts 50% waste in home space heating to move the needle on climate change: no programming, 1-year payback, fit-and-forget.

Sozie match shoppers with similar bodies to share fitting room selfies. Our technology integrates product details automatically, creating a new social m-commerce sales channel.

City Science has developed transport modelling software that integrates widely-used systems and IoT devices, delivering disruptive levels of process efficiency and accelerated market penetration.

LettUs Grow design efficient irrigation and control technology for vertical farms, delivering higher crop yields, reducing production costs and making farmers’ lives easier.


These companies covered a range of industries from fashion to farming but all needed external help to move their businesses to the next stage. The majority of them also had end-user applications or solutions designed for the home making them attractive for investment. Between them, the companies were seeking £8.9m in investment and each company had a clear vision of how the funds and a partnership with an investor would help grow their business.

Knowing how much you need and what you’ll do with the money isn’t enough to attract investment. The ability to pitch effectively to investors is a skill that takes time to master. To better prepare our startups, we hired a professional pitch coach to work with them well in advance of pitch day.

On the day of the pitches, we had a variety of investors who were eager to hear what our startups had to offer. We used a live band to liven up the day and help calm presenters’ nerves. There was a marked improvement in the quality of the pitches from when we first saw the startups so the preparation certainly paid off. If you yourself are planning to pitch in the near future, remember, rehearse! rehearse! rehearse!

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Idris Jahn
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