IoTUK Challenger South

IoTUK Challenger South

The IoTUK Challenger South, run in partnership with Cambridge Hack has proven the power of IoT startups on tackling big challenges in the arenas of transport, smart cities and health. The hack format of the two day event, branded “Challenger” for the occasion, was aimed to support local authorities, looking for genuinely effective and innovative ideas, to tackle the problems they currently face – with a particular focus on social care, movement measurement, sustainable transport and change behaviour.

The challenge owners were Cambridge Science Park, Peterborough City Council, Cambridgeshire County Council and Eastern Area Health Services Network and Smart Cambridge.

The IoTUK Challenger South gave companies taking part the opportunity to create solutions to real-world problems. SMEs had the chance to develop those ideas over the course of the event to a point where they pitched to a panel of judges.


The Smart Bench Challenge (Cambridge Science Park):

The challenge was aimed to develop the ultimate, multi-functional affordable bench with multiple features, with a focus on health issues and use of facilities nearby, with Cambridge Science Park available as a testing ground for ideas and prototypes

e.g. a bench that:

  • identifies the person using fingerprint, facial or iris recognition
  • measures health factors e.g. weight, BMI, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, glucose etc and sends the results to the person’s mobile phone or direct to a bespoke app
  • Monitors air pollution, noise pollution, UV rays, breathalyser (alcohol) and pollen
  • Provides information on local services, traffic and weather info

The winner: Sensor Studio

The Elderly Care Challenge (Peterborough City Council, Cambridgeshire County Council and Eastern Area Health Services Network):

The challenge was aimed to identify ways to reduce social isolation in the elderly; to utilise technology to enable severely physically disabled individuals to interact with their environment (for example to turn on lights or open doors) and; to reduce avoidable harm from falls by elderly people at home and outside the home, leveraging Internet of Things technologies, existing commercial solutions and particularly through use of analytics and engagement strategies.

The winner: Future Care

The Movement Measurement Challenge (Smart Cambridge):

The challenge is aimed to inform transport policy and scheme design, and to measure the success of schemes, it’s necessary to measure the movement of people by all modes of transport. Smart Cambridge wish to improve cycling and walking movement data collection.  The focus of the data collected should include start and finish points, reason for journey and whether the journey was made in combination with other modes of transport (with overall start and finish points). Additional data would include desire lines, displaced trips, new trips etc.

The winner: Ultra IoT

The Sustainable Transport Challenge (Smart Cambridge):

This challenge was aimed to contrast severe congestion at peak times that is impacting the quality of life for Cambridge residents and employees and recognised as a significant barrier to continued economic growth. To address this issue we need to get travellers out of their cars and onto more sustainable modes of transport. To achieve this we need to begin to use sensors and data better to nudge behaviours and adapt infrastructure and to fill gaps in understanding particularly data on cycle/pedestrian patterns.

The winner: Eastpoint Software

All winners have received bespoke rewards from the challenge owners including ongoing support, entry into a city wide trial for Cambridge and a cash prize.

The Digital Catapult Team

Alessandro Coletta is Innovation Coordinator at Digital Catapult, working within the Innovation Services Team and supporting the coordination of several innovation programmes including IoTUK.

After five years running Yulia Records, an Italian independent record label, Alessandro has slowly moved into the tech sector supporting the Xiaomi Technology community as a beta tester for their android based firmware MIUI. Before joining the Catapult he has completed a MSc in Management at the Cranfield School of Management.

Alessandro Coletta
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