IoTUK Challenger: North

IoTUK Challenger: North

IoTUK Challenger North is a two day event in Leeds where SMEs can connect directly with organisations who are searching for real-world applications of IoT services or products to help solve their current challenges.

The IoTUK Challenger North, a collaboration between ODI Leeds, and Digital Catapult’s IoTUK programme, is a fast-paced and dynamic two day event, 20/21 September where SMEs with IoT services/products can connect directly with organisations to solve pressing challenges across smart cities, health, and transport.

ODI Leeds and Digital Catapult are big advocates for open innovation and the power of collaboration. Being able to refine your solution and communicate instantly with the organisation you are developing products for removes many of the barriers faced in the normal process, speeding up meaningful progress. It also encourages a more collaborative approach to designing or refining ideas.

During the exciting two day workshop, SMEs will have access to technical support, advice about commercial models and more. SMEs will be working on solving real challenges faced by public and private sector organisations.

For full details of how the event will run, who is involved, and what to expect, see

The IoTUK Challenger North provides a chance to work directly with organisations to produce tangible and scalable solutions using IoT, in a dynamic workspace with support from industry leaders. Gain valuable feedback and experience from working with a real-world client, bringing your IoT service or product another step closer to being market-ready.

We’re looking for:

  • SMEs that either already have IoT products/services that could be applied across different sectors/applications
  • SMEs that are developing products/services that could incorporate IoT to meet the challenge

The Challenges

Leeds City Council & Bradford City Council

  • Improve travel, transport and mobility around the city for commuters and visitors.
  • How can we use IoT to help the most vulnerable¬†live more independent lives and access care when they need it?
  • How can IoT assist us with our social housing and corporate property asset management?

Yorkshire Water

  • We want to use IoT to help reduce per capita water consumption so that we can supply the future population with no greater a vulnerability of water than is consumed by the current population.


ODI Leeds, 3rd Floor Munro House, Duke St, Leeds LS9 8AG


20/21 September 2018

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Please ensure your answers are pure numerical values, e.g. removing any commas and spaces

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IoTUK Staff
  • mokanix would love to take part in this challenge. we offer IoT SIMs with a suite of programmable APIs and IoT-appropriate billing models to enable remote connectivity whenever and wherever that is required.

    Jul 26, 2018 at 7:56 pm
    • Jem Henderson

      Ace! Fill in our form by clicking ‘apply online’ at the top of the post.

      Jul 27, 2018 at 4:21 pm

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