IoTUK Boost Open Calls

IoTUK Boost Open Calls

Digital Catapult’s partners in its IoTUK Boost programme are looking for applications now.

AB OpenAdvanced Digital Innovation (UK) Ltd, Sensor City Liverpool, and Cambridge Wireless have got open calls for companies that are looking for test beds to develop Internet of Things (IoT) products and services using low power wide area networks (LPWAN).

IoTUK Boost aims to address barriers to entry across the IoT marketplace in the UK. With applications in areas including healthcare, traffic and transport services, energy management and environmental sensing, there is much scope for innovation.

IoTUK Boost is funded by the Government as part of the IoTUK research and innovation programme, promoting and underlining the importance of IoT for the UK’s digital economy. As part of IoTUK Boost, our chosen partners will be holding meet ups and training workshops to stimulate engagement with the test network for a minimum of six months. The aim is to work with at least 10 SMEs or entrepreneurs. The programme will help SMES to bring early stage IoT products and services to a commercial prototype stage, or to early market release.

Sensor City Liverpool Open Call

AB Open Calderdale Open Call

ADI Saltaire Open Call

CW Cambridge Open Call

The Boost initiative is developing LPWAN systems across the UK. We’re helping SMEs and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to become quickly productive and innovative through the use of LPWANs. With longer range, decreased power requirements and lower cost than a mobile network, LPWANs enable a much wider range of IoT applications.

If you are an entrepreneur or startup looking to boost your IoT concept then get in touch with your local IoTUK Boost partner now. Time is quickly running out for you to take part.

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