CENSIS and The DataLab (including the University of Edinburgh’s Informatics Department) will deliver the IoTUK Boost. Each has its own staff dedicated to company outreach, new technology identification and technology transfer.

Our topic is “People and their Environments”, covering applications in smart cities, mobility as a service, natural environment, and enabling living spaces (such as assisted living, long-term care, energy efficiency).

Business Development staff in both ICs will use their networks of problem owners to define the challenges for the call. Each problem theme will have an owner representative on the winner selection panel. Following the event, the problem owners will be engaged in the mentoring process.  The two-day workshop will be held in Glasgow in February 2016.

Our objective is to get each winner to the point of having a fundable proposition to take to a funding partner by the end of the support period, followed by a 6-12 month programme of activity working with a problem owner and supported by IC expertise, to develop and demonstrate a commercial solution.

The CENSIS Connected Devices Development Centre will take companies through to product market testing, and allow winners who go on to develop demonstrations to showcase their offerings. The Data Lab will use its in-house data scientists and broader networks to support companies as they develop analytical and management approaches using big data techniques. Informatics Ventures will provide opportunities for SMEs to engage with their entrepreneurial education programmes, and gain access to growth investment through an annual technology investor showcase event.

IoTUK Staff
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