IoTUK Boost 2017

IoTUK Boost 2017

Accelerating internet of things innovation with access to LPWAN testbeds across the UK with IoTUK Boost

IoTUK Boost SME Cohort

IoTUK Boost is an innovation support programme for SMEs that are looking to utilise a low power wide area network (LPWAN) to develop and prototype their internet of things (IoT) product or service. With longer range, decreased power requirements and lower cost than a mobile network, LPWANs enable a much wider range of IoT applications. Digital Catapult’s IoTUK programme is working with partners across the UK to deliver testbeds in multiple regions to develop the IoT ecosystem across the UK.

The IoTUK programme’s aim is to advance the UK’s global leadership in the IoT, ensuring that there is increased adoption of high quality IoT technologies and services which have the ability to transform businesses and the public sector.

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Using a mixture of LoRaWAN and SiGFOX technology, our partners AB Open, Advanced Digital Innovation (UK) Ltd, Cambridge Wireless, High Tech Bristol and Bath CIC (HBB), Sensor City Liverpool and the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) Hartree Centre were selected to build experimentation testbeds for businesses and entrepreneurs.

IoTUK Boost is funded by Government as part of the IoTUK research and innovation programme, underlining the importance of IoT for the UK’s digital economy. As part of IoTUK Boost, each partner is holding meet ups, open calls and training workshops to stimulate engagement with the test network for a minimum of six months. Partners are working with approximately 10 SMEs and entrepreneurs, to help them to bring early stage IoT products and services to a commercial prototype stage, or early market release.

IoTUK Boost

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