IoT Workshop Opportunity at RCA

IoT Workshop Opportunity at RCA

Are you an Internet of Things startup/developer working on products for the home? Would you like to explore a new approach to developing meaningful Internet of Things products that are more suited to the uncertain, emerging, complexity of the domestic space and people’s daily lives?

My name is Mike Kann, and I’m nearing the end of a PhD research project on the IoT, conducted at the Royal College of Art. Through this project I’ve developed a practice centred innovation design approach that helps to provide a thorough understanding of the context of the use of the home and a way to ideate IoT products without focusing on technological possibilities.

This project has been carried out through an iterative, reflective design research by practice model, using design thinking and problem framing to explore the IoT from a cultural position, concentrating on a range of topics that can be overlooked by more conventional IoT approaches. This includes aspects such as the development and meaning of the domestic space, material culture, tool use and tactility and situated practices of everyday life and its constituent elements.

Past workshops and public engagement events with the general public and IoT professionals presented insights of user’s understandings of the IoT and expert opinions on the implementation of these types of systems/products. Direct feedback from participants provided User Generated Values, including a range of terms used to describe the desirable and undesirable qualities of the IoT, mental models of the IoT Product Service System, along with anecdotal examples of the experience of personal objects, IoT stories and scenarios that fit within the context of their day to day lives. All of these past research events informed the development of this project, with key elements included in the final workshop as points of inspiration.

The culmination of this project is a design workshop framework and toolkit, which uses analogue tools to allow IoT developers to understand these underlying concepts and promotes creativity, communication and collaboration to encourage innovative ideation for domestic IoT products. This, along with some additional elements, will inspire solo and collective development of products, scenarios, user journeys and interactions between objects and people and provide a framework for brainstorming new concepts that reflect this different viewpoint on the IoT.

This structured approach enriches the design process, developing a practice and user centred innovation design framework that engages with the IoT from an experiential, human centred position, highlighting the importance of the domestic space, exploring how people use and understand objects to locate practices in the home and giving concepts developed through this technique a different character to traditional IoT products.

I’m looking for participants to make up a team of 3-6 people from UK based IoT companies/start-ups to take part in an approximately 2 hour workshop using this technique to explore these topics. We will work together using this toolkit to provide a unique viewpoint on developing IoT for the domestic space, helping you to develop a range of concepts that through the workshop process will deliver novel and innovative IoT products.

If you and your team are interested, or if you just have questions or comments in relation to this project, please get in touch with me at:

IoTUK Staff
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