IoT startups and corporates working together guide

IoT startups and corporates working together guide

Key takeaways from the IoTUK and Touchpaper IoT Startups Working with Corporates Guide

There are many good reasons for IoT startups to be involved with a corporate.
Collaborations with SMEs can bring IoT technologies into corporates.
Working with SMEs allows large companies to onboard IoT into their business.


IoT is transforming industries. From agriculture to healthcare, many businesses are utilising the technology to transform the way that they do business by generating data about all sorts of interactions and processes in their operations.

SMEs are increasingly coming up with newer innovations that can help to change how businesses are operating. Because of the way that startups and SMEs operate, it can be much easier for them to discover new ways of working than for larger, more established businesses – where there aren’t already systems in place that look difficult to change or upper management that resist doing things in a new way.

For many large companies, working with IoT SMEs can be one way in which they can onboard IoT into their business. However, there can be a range of difficulties when larger companies work with startups, from legal issues to onboarding problems.

So how can IoT SMEs ensure that their work with large Corporates will be fruitful? As part of the work of the IoTUK programme, Digital Catapult has created this guide in association with Touchpaper to help SMEs navigate the relationship effectively.

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