IoT Nation 2018 Report

IoT Nation 2018 Report

Key takeaways from the IoTUK IoT Nation 2018 Report

The UK aims to be a global leader in the Internet of Things (IoT). The objective is to increase the adoption of high quality IoT technologies and services across the public and private sector in the UK.

The Internet of Things is a transformational technology capable of creating new business opportunities for some and enabling organisational change in others. The IoT will bring new possibilities for the UK population; how is the spread of IoT companies across the UK helping to deliver this opportunity?

In this report, we will look at sections of the UK’s IoT ecosystem and identify the key places of the growing network of IoT businesses, academic institutions and public bodies.

Using innovative data science techniques, we have shown that:

  • Universities are having an impact on IoT development, particularly in Oxford, London and Cambridge.
  • Logistics is driving much IoT innovation in the UK.
  • Public sector investment in IoT helps drive innovation.

Our aim with this database is to:

  • understand the resilience of the sector and its ability to continue to grow and evolve to meet changing demands.
  • spot opportunities to maximise the impact that IoT can have for UK citizens.
  • describe the impact that the IoTUK programme is having on the UK’s Internet of Things sector.

Download the IoTUK Nation 2018 report below.

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