IoT in Retail Report

IoT in Retail Report

Key takeaways from the IoT in Retail Report

 IoT technologies can bring the omnichannel experience to physical stores.

 SME IoT technology vendors play a crucial role in driving innovation in retail IoT.

 Every ‘thing’ holds a lot of valuable data that retailers can utilise for various purposes.


Facing a range of pressures, from new online competitors to rising overhead costs and lower product margins, high street retailers are working out ways to increase efficiency for their business processes in their stores and warehouses with the internet of things.

IoT ecosystems including sensors, cameras, beacons and Wi-Fi networks can help to collect valuable data about products and customers that can be analysed and used to optimise supply chains, staff deployment and store layouts.

Digital Catapult’s IoTUK programme’s IoT in Retail report provides a clear picture of the current state of play for IoT in retail. there is advice for SMEs creating IoT technology for retailers as well as providing advice for retailers that are looking to transition into using an IoT deployment in their supply chain or stores. IoT can help retailers meet their business challenges outlines the key business challenges. Find out how.

IoT in Retail

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