Introduction to IoT Standards

Introduction to IoT Standards

Key takeaways from the IoTUK Introduction to Standards report

Security concerns are driving the development of IoT standards.

Issues shaping IoT standards discussions include interoperability, security and the emergence of IoT ecosystems.

Emerging standards include LoRa and NB-IoT for LPWAN, MQTT for messaging and a host of industrial ethernet protocols.

Ensuring that any ecosystem is run using standards makes sense.  Standards have benefits related to interoperability, allowing for different parts of the ecosystem to all communicate effectively, creates cost savings, and also makes for greater predictability of operating characteristics, which leads to aggregated user demand, viable markets for manufacturers, and subsequently easier replacement of components.

In the IoT space, the challenge is being created by the rapid speed at which everything is developing. Markets are developing quickly creating a complex environment. There are many different groups producing standards for their part of the ecosystem but no-one really controls overall development and direction.

Digital Catapult aims to be at the centre of discussions around standards in the UK, working to ensure that all parties involved understand the issues at hand, that they have access to the most current information, and that they communicate with the appropriate parties in order to make informed decisions, resulting in the most productive outcomes.

Read IoTUK’s Introduction to Standards report for a view into the types of groups working to develop IoT related standards, and how developers and users should respond.

IoT Standards

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