Cyberhygiene Insight Report

Cyberhygiene Insight Report

Key takeaways from the IoTUK Cyberhygiene Insight Report

PETRAS and IoTUK have produced this insight report on cyber hygiene to help consumers to understand how they can keep their internet of things devices secure. Cyber hygiene is the behaviours that people should use to stay secure and safe when using connected devices.

You can see the supporting infographic here. 

Internet-connected products are everywhere these days. They allow us to monitor the temperature in our homes, to put the kettle on before we even get out of our beds and to reduce our carbon footprint through reduced energy wastage, for example.

However, the IoT currently poses many threats to consumers. Many ‘things’ in the IoT are far from secure and users need to take action to help protect their products.

To help counter cyber threats, consumers will need to adopt protective behaviours when using internet-connected products. Such behaviours are wide ranging from using strong and unique passwords to taking unsafe products off the home Wi-Fi. However, to encourage protective behaviours when using internet connected products, we first need to understand what consumers need to do to protect their products.

This report has been prepared by UCL researchers as part of PETRAS, a large research programme examining cyber security in the context of the IoT. The cyber hygiene project focused on designing ways to effect behavioural change in consumers in order to improve their cyber security practises.

In this report, we detail the studies that identify key protective behaviours across product lifecycles (purchasing, set-up and maintenance, and disposal) that users could engage in to protect themselves based on experts’ and users’ perceptions.

By empowering consumers with practical advice that they will actually use, as well as persuading manufacturers to follow ‘Secure by Design’ principles, the IoT can be made more secure for everyone.

Click below to download your copy of the cyber hygiene insight report now.


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