Cities, people and IoT

Cities, people and IoT

Following the launch of CityVerve, Manchester’s smart city demonstrator, Cassie Robinson, Strategic Designer previously at the Future Cities Catapult, now at Doteveryone, blogs about how the challenges facing the UK as we begin to build smart cities.  Robinson also introduces the fourth video in a seven part series on smart cities. 

There are many aspects to smart city technology that are difficult. UK city councils have reduced budgets, often needing to partner with technology companies to draw on their resources, and there’s a digital skills gap that makes smart city technology procurement and decision-making hard.

This skills gap is only growing, while at the same time, new technologies are popping up all around our cities. We’re all responsible for creating cities that continue to be shaped by and for everyone. This film begins to make it easier to understand what’s going on, and what questions to ask.

There are also lots of things about smart cities that are really exciting. We made a film that balances these issues: the concerns and the possibilities. Much of the information available is either highly specialist and therefore inaccessible, or has a business and policy intent. While these can be useful perspectives and shouldn’t be written off, we saw the need for a different perspective, one which would be of use to local decision makers and people alike.

This film is a living accountability document that encourages citizens and politicians to ask questions about the potentials and pitfalls of smart cities and the Internet of Things.

This film was built on the insights from our IoTUK research work, which was then developed further through a roundtable discussion.

Follow Cassie Robinson, Strategic Designer previously at the Future Cities Catapult, now at Doteveryone, on Twitter @CassieRobinson. Don’t forget to follow us too @IoTUKNews.

Cassie Robinson
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