Building an Ecosystem – Early Insights

Building an Ecosystem – Early Insights

Key takeaways from the IoTUK Building an Ecosystem Report

Good partnerships are crucial even before an IoT project is funded or begins

Working on initial communication is a crucial factor in the success of an IoT ecosystem.

Ongoing collaboration of all parties is crucial in a successful IoT ecosystem

Building a large IoT ecosystem is a complex undertaking. There needs to be collaboration between different parties which could include private and public sector as well as academia.

To find out how these projects have been getting on, Digital Catapult’s IoTUK programme includes two IoT NHS Test Beds and a smart city demonstrator, CityVerve. These IoT ecosystems incorporate the public and private sector, the research community, and the wider business and local community. We have interviewed project leaders and participants from these current UK projects to find out what early insights they can offer into how complex IoT ecosystems can be run and managed successfully.

Some of the insights that we have uncovered in our interviews include highlighting the importance of the initial foundation. With a strong foundation, projects are more likely to succeed, creating a positive atmosphere and ensuring the the project has internal and external champions.

There also needs to be citizen-centric approach at the forefront of the project, starting right from the initial proposal, to design, through to testing. Putting people at the centre of the process will aid its success, including recruitment for initiatives, training, and ongoing collaboration practices.

With a strong legal and management foundation in-place, a clearly articulated understanding of participant and stakeholders’ interests, an acceptance of challenges and a meeting structure which ensures that people are talking face-to-face about their successes and failures openly, the ongoing collaboration between public and private sector can be a success.

Read the IoTUK Early Insight Report on Building IoT Ecosystems by clicking the link below.

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