An IoT Taxonomy

An IoT Taxonomy

Key takeaways from the IoTUK Programme’s IOT Taxonomy Report

Ensuring that when we talk about the Internet of Things, everyone is on the same page is important. To that end, Digital Catapult have drawn up an IoT taxonomy to clearly define the IoT initiatives that are happening all around the UK.

It is important to have a clear sense of the nature of every IoT project. 

Lack of a suitable taxonomy mean that conversations are vague. 

Why an IoTUK Taxonomy?

The concept of the Internet of Things pretty much encompasses all the ‘things’ one might think of, in a huge range of contexts. To be able to home in on specific parts of the IoT universe so that discussions, policies, research and market development initiatives can serve a useful purpose, there needs to be a clearly delineated understanding of the different parts of the IoT and its deployments.

The IoTUK programme suggests a taxonomy – an effective way of classifying Internet of Things initiatives. We hope that this taxonomy will enable more focused discussions about what needs to be done in order to facilitate the development of Internet of Things-related products and services, and about how to remove the many practical barriers that currently inhibit development.

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